godaddy hosting coupon

If you need to host a wordpress blog or build a PHP application check out godaddy hosting. One step set-ups, great service and super cheap. It gets even cheaper when you use a godaddy hosting coupon. I have been given a code to hand out that will save you 20% off any hosting when you sign up for a year or more, or 10% off if you sign up for less then a year.
SPT20 – 20% Off Hosting Plans of 1yr or More
SPT1 – 10% off any order
If you already have hosting and just need a domain (or a few) check out my SPT3 promo code
SPT3 – $3 off every .COM
I do need to warn you that godaddy is not a good host for django projects. Only use them if you need a cheap wordpress blog, or want to play with some php. (not sure why you would want to do that :P )

If you want a django host, check out webfaction. You can find another godaddy hosting promo code here. They provide multiple types of hosting, not just shared and dedicated servers but also 4GH hosting (scalable, reliable and more) as well as their cloud servers.

GoDaddy Hosting
Godaddy has been a long time sponsor of new media and have stepped up to the plate to offer some great deals again and again. Their godaddy hosting continues to evolve. I just read about their 4G hosting accounts. They load balance your site across multiple servers for you. Your site is copied by them onto multiple servers and then replicated each time there is a change. Years ago you would of had to invest in multiple servers and software or hardware to load balance for you. Amazing offering in their new hosting accounts and less than $5 a month. Please support this site by supporting them and take a look at what they have to offer.

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