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by Alex on May 31, 2011

I found some GoDaddy coupon codes and I figured this would be time to tackle a question we get from time to time: People want to know who we use for our domain and hosting. Even with Django you need hosting to store your files and images. We go with GoDaddy, we’ve used a few different companies and switched for various reasons, but in short we use GoDaddy because it’s consistently cheap and their service is very reliable. Now with these GoDaddy coupon codes you can find them even cheaper.

I found these GoDaddy Coupon Codes for a discount.

Domains for just $7.49 and hosting at 20% off and more, use the link above.

Remember that if you switch your hosting company, you have to make sure all your Django settings are changed correctly as well so that you don’t end up with broken apps or images. Switching hosts is actually a fairly painless process though. There’s a really good GoDaddy coupon code up there to get .CO domains for cheap; .CO started as the extension for the country of Colombia, but now that it’s been opened up, it’s gaining a lot of legitimacy. Even high-level internet companies like twitter ( and ( are using the .CO domains. I think just like the cheap .COM domains that were bought for cheap back in the early 90s, buying a .CO domain for your Django site will be a good investment in the future. Right now the .CO market has barely been tapped, but in a few years when domain names are scarcer they might become valuable commodities. And domain sales are no small potatoes: ‘’ was sold for 10 million dollars!

godaddy coupon codes

So whether you are still deciding whether or not to start your own site or you just want to move some stuff over from a hosting or domain company that isn’t giving you what you want at a good price, you may as well use these GoDaddy coupon codes before they expire.

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