Add Flash To Your Django Site Instantly

by Emmanuel D. on January 23, 2011

You can now make your Django-based CMS and use a Network solutions coupon code to get started and make a website flashy and trendy by using the Stalward – Piecemaker extension. Django is also packed now with good and nifty extensions for all your needs like Flash animations and even action scripts.

The Stalwart – Piecemaker or Piecemaker is an open source flash based actionscript supported image rotator for your Django site.

Installation and Configuration is a breeze, just add these lines:

For Installation:

pip install -e

For Configuration:

  1. Put ‘stalwrat.piecemaker’ in INSTALLED_APPS
  2. Copy stalwart/piecemaker/media/ to your site media
  3. Add this to your application urls
    url(r’^piecemaker_(?P\d+).xml’, ‘stalwart.piecemaker.views.render_xml’, name=”piecemaker_xml”),
  4. Don’t forget or syncdb

Visit the official link for more details:

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