Django 1.2.3 is out!

by Emmanuel D. on September 16, 2010

Just days ago, Django 1.2.3 was released an as promised by the developers, it fixed some bugs found in the previous version 1.2.2.

Here are some major bugs that were fixed by the new release:

1. Issues with non-ASCII responses using CSRF tokens – This bug had been debugged by the latest patch. Now you can use the security features of Django without the issues found in 1.2.2.

2. Form Bugs – The version 1.2.2 patch caused major errors in the user-editing forms and some minor errors in other forms. Version 1.2.3 fixes this bug and now no major errors found in the user-editing forms.

Django developers advised the Django enthusiast to download the latest version to enjoy the full features of Django and to report bugs and issues encountered in the newest version.

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